The Android Camera

Photo Dec 14, 3 22 53 PM.jpgCameraZOOM-20101120153047_edit0.jpgCameraZOOM-20101210155450_edit0.jpgCameraZOOM-20101211095849_edit0.jpgCameraZOOM-20101211124731_edit0_edit0.jpgCameraZOOM-20101219164330_edit0.jpgfoxy_128840956476_edit0.jpgfoxy_128909163223_edit0.jpgIMAG0436_edit0.jpgPhoto Dec 15, 11 01 50 PM.jpg
I find that using a cell phone to capture the moment opens a new world of possibilities.  Today the number of photography apps available gives you almost limitless possibilities.   I have no intention of trading in my big boy camera, but my Android phone is a ton of fun.

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