I love to share my knowledge and help others enhance their photography skills. I have extensive experience speaking at camera clubs and photography events.  My lectures are designed to be educational and entertaining and I would love to speak at your club or event!

Here are the topics I currently offer. If there is a topic you would like me to cover that is not listed, just drop me a note using the contact form.

Abstract Photography

By creative use of shutter speeds and camera motion we can create an entire new body of work.  Abstract photography allows us to depart from reality and create works that are more expressive.   We will examine the origins of this form of art and how we can incorporate this art form into our photography. 

Night Photography and Light Painting

Light Painting or as it is sometimes called Painting with Light offers the artist a unique way to showcase their subject.  

I will share his influences on this art form and show how to accomplish this type of photography ranging from the small workbench shots to the grand landscape.   He will discuss the planning that goes into a successful photograph as well as processing options to achieve your creative vision.

I have several different versions of this topic, depending on time allotment, it can be tailored to the interest of your group.

Rust and Ruin’s 

Urban Exploration is a very popular activity, but it can be difficult to do legally.  We will explore the risks and pitfalls of this type of photography as well as discuss how you can safely and legally add this type of photography to your portfolio. 

We will also explore why photographers are drawn to decrepitude and how to shoot this type of environment and get the results you desire.

Artistic Flower Photography

Explore various techniques for capturing creative flower photography, from in-camera multi-exposure techniques to camera motion and more. You will be inspired to get out and create dynamic captivating flower images. Don is masterful with these techniques!  

Learning to Fly

Have you ever considered adding aerial photography to your list of talents? Today it is easier than ever, but there are some rules and things you should know before taking the plunge and investing in a drone.

We will cover getting your FAA Certificate, things you need to know before your first flight and also taking your drone with you on travel.

We will also show you some incredible images that were taken during our travels.

Taking your Photography to the Next Level

This is a 3 plus hour presentation that covers equipment, creativity and inspiration. It is designed for beginner and intermediate level photographers.

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