Date: Friday, November 11th, 2022 

Cost: $350.00 (Includes day and evening admission to OCC)

Email don at to register   

Minimum number of participants: 8 


Old Car City located in rural White, Georgia contains the largest known junkyard of classic cars.  Situated on 34 acres, Old Car City has over 4,000 American made cars, trucks and vans.   The photographic possibilities are nearly endless! 

Our workshop will start on Friday at 5:00 pm,  But your workshop fee will cover all day and evening access to Old Car City.  During the daytime hours I will be available to assist you with artistic and technical advice.   I encourage our participants to walk the trails and learn the layout of Old Car City so navigating at night will be easier.    We will take a short break for dinner at 4:00 pm then start the actual Light Painting when we reconvene again at 5:00 pm,  the workshop will end promptly at 11:00 pm. 

 I will be demonstrating techniques such as using Flash during the early evening hours or as landscape photographers say, the blue hour.  Then when it is dark enough that we can keep our shutters open for more than several seconds, we will start light painting.  Participants are welcome and encouraged to work with me until they are comfortable doing it on their own.  I will available to assist participants the entire evening.  

I will host a zoom session a couple weeks prior to the workshop to review techniques and processing.  A download of that session will also be made available to participants. 


Each participant should have a solid understanding of exposure (f/stop and shutter speed) and know how to operate your equipment.  While I am happy to help, it is not possible for me to be versed in every camera model on the market.  

I recommend that participants have Photoshop and understand how to use layer for the best post processing results.  While this is my recommendation,  I will be happy to show participants how to light paint if they desire to get it right in camera.  

Recommended Equipment:

A sturdy tripod and head is essential.   You may need to check your exposures or adjust your camera settings and must be able to do this without causing your camera to move and subsequent images not properly line up. 


Lenses – Wide Angle thru Medium Telephoto 

Remote Shutter Release

Headlight and backup flashlight or headlight for navigating in the dark

A Cell Phone on your person is recommended

Off Camera Flash and Multiple Light Sources are recommended

Additional information will be emailed to participants. 



You will be in a rural wooded area with rusty cars.  Participants may wish to consult with their physician regarding the need for a tetanus shot.  There may be wild animals or animals that are nocturnal in nature.  I have made four prior visits to Old Car City and have never seen snakes or other animals, but considering the rural setting it is reasonable to expect they exist. 

Each participant will be required to sign a liability waiver in order to participate. 

To register just email and I will send you a PayPal Invoice.   If you would rather pay by check, just let me know and I’ll send you my mailing address.  

Cancellation Policy:  Full refund if the workshop is canceled for any reason.  Participant may cancel up to 30 days prior for a full refund.  Less than 30 days and we reserve the right to withhold the fee, so we can ensure minimum fees are obtained to hold the workshop for the remaining participants.   

Please do not book airfare without confirmation the workshop has met minimum participant levels.   I am not responsible for any fees or expenses outside of the workshop fee if this event is canceled or unable to be held. 

Lodging:  There are a number of reasonably priced hotels in the area.   I recommend staying in Cartersville.  The hotels closest to Old Car City are located next to a busy railroad track and you will struggle to get a good nights sleep.  

Rain Date:  We will hold the workshop unless the weather forecast indicates significant rainfall.    Our preference will be to reschedule for the next day or following week.  However, this would need to be confirmed with Old Car City and can not be scheduled outside of 48 hours prior to the workshop.  If the workshop has to be rescheduled due to weather, participants may request a refund if they are unable to attend the rain date.  If we do not have enough participants to make the minimum number of people for a rain date, the workshop will be canceled and refunds will be issued for all participants.  





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