I’m just a guy who loves making images, but if you are curious read on to find out a little more about my story.

I started taking pictures in the mid to late 1970s as a teenager. I developed my own black and white film and really enjoyed photography, but never quite found my calling. By the time I was in my mid-twenties the expense of photography got to be too much and I stopped taking pictures. Several years later I sold all my cameras and lenses since I had not used them. During this dry period, I still had an appreciation for photography, but never felt compelled to pick up a camera.

By the time I was in my early forties, I started using digital photography for my day job and as the technology improved I started wondering if it was time to get back into photography. I first purchased a small handheld camera to see how it would go. I fell back in love with photography and the next step was to purchase a DSLR and some interchangeable lenses. This time around I was mostly drawn to landscape photography. I say mostly because I attended a flash workshop that Penn Camera hosted for Nikon Pro Joe McNally. Joe’s work was so amazing and while I continued to focus on landscape photography, I still maintained a distant desire to make images of people.

I joined a couple of camera clubs, meeting a lot of amazing photographers along the way. Some of whom I still consider mentors today.

What has been my driving passion since picking up a DSLR was the desire to improve my craft. You could call this passion, but it’s more than that. I’m always interested in how to elevate the quality of my work and I believe if this ever stops, I’ll stop growing as an artist.

As the years progressed I started arranging trips with my photo friends. This turned into co-founding Road Runner Photography Tours in 2013. Road Runner has been an amazing adventure on one hand and all-consuming one on the other. After 5 years it was time to go in a different direction.

I decided to take a portrait workshop from Kelly Schneider in 2017, and after working with Kelly for the last 2 years, I have accepted a position as tour manager on his international portrait workshops.

I love working with other photographers and plan to continue doing this via my Meetup group, occasional workshops and working with Kelly.

Follow along and let’s see where this journey goes!


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